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One of the biggest hurdles for anything is how accessible it is. This statement refers to everything from the physical ability of someone getting there to the expenses related to the thing in question. For many people, both factors work in tandem to stop them from being able to go and do something they want or sometimes even need to do. Accessibility is something that needs to be examined with a closer lens. For most people, it is something they find themselves dealing with every day of their lives. Unfortunately, this means that when something prevents them from doing a seemingly simple task, it throws into sharp relief that not everything is set up to accommodate people who may need a little extra assistance. This is something that we want to talk about in regards to ThinSculpting.


We understand that just getting to our offices may be difficult. We have locations in Durham, Cary, and Raleigh for this exact reason, but just having multiple offices won’t solve every problem. There are any number of factors that no one can truly have control over. Things such as work and family obligations can prevent someone from coming in and getting the treatment they want. Time is a commodity that, unfortunately, most of us are lacking. Thankfully, the ThinSculpting procedure itself is only about an hour, so you don’t need to worry about losing an entire day to get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Another commonly prohibitive factor is cost. This is true of really anything. The out of pocket expenses can make any experience difficult for people in just about every walk of life. Just like any other procedure, knowing the costs upfront may dictate what you can and cannot do. This is why we offer interest free payment plans along with other specials that can help make this affordable for everyone. We know that CoolSculpting isn’t always on the top of your list when it comes to necessary expenses, but we want to make it as affordable as possible to help you get a body that you can feel good about.


If you are able to come in for a consultation and want to go forward with the procedure, give 800-8THIN-YOU a call. With multiple locations around the Triangle Region, we can help you out by making the process accessible to you. Come in today and let us help you find the thin that is in you!


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