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Time and time again, we see that the way people view themselves has a direct impact on their mental health. This is especially true when we talk about body image. How you look in the mirror is a sore spot for many people, and it is often tied to self-worth and self-confidence. This is one of the reasons that eating disorders are taken so seriously in the medical community. When you have someone who is either eating in an unhealthy fashion, it can cause some serious problems both physically and mentally. Too often we hear about people who started to obsess over the number on the scale, and it quickly became dangerous.

We know that when someone is overly concerned about how they look, they can take drastic measures. This is when it becomes truly important to understand the connection between mental health and body image. Being unhappy with how you look can drive a lot of other issues home.  When you mix mental health issues with body image, one of the biggest concerns is always going to be the development of an eating disorder.

Even if you don’t think that someone has an eating disorder, they may still be having mental health issues related to how they see their body. Weight distribution in the body, mental health, and how you see yourself is often intrinsically tied. It isn’t uncommon with disorders like depression to see a person reducing the amount of time they put aside for self-care and not seeming to worry about themselves. It isn’t surprising to see people with depression, anxiety, or other stress related issues eating poorly. This may be eating too much, not at all, or not in a healthy way. In cases like these, you need to treat the mental illness before the habits and actions will get any better.

If you are in a place where you are mentally in danger, always seek professional help. If, however, you are looking to change your body image, give 800-8THIN-YOU a call. With locations in Cary, Raleigh, and Durham, we are always nice and close to you. As the only diamond rated facility in the Triangle Region, you know you’re always in good hands with us. We know how much your personal body image can impact your mental health, and we want to help. Call us today and we will help you find the thin that is in you!

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