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Bloating Vs. Fat

Everyone has days where they feel especially fat. It might have to do with what they’re wearing, how much they ate for lunch, or where they are in their menstrual cycle. Whatever the reason, we all have days where we just want to throw on a pair of sweatpants and call it done. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between when you’re bloated or when you’ve gained a little bit of extra weight, especially around the holidays. While you could always hit the gym or start eating better (which is a good idea either way), you probably don’t feel up to it if you are actually bloated. Here are a few ways to tell whether you are bloated or if you just need to cut back on the cookies a little.

First of all, if it seems like overnight that you have gained weight then you are probably bloated. Bloating can be caused by any number of things, but it normally hits rather fast and disappears after a few days. If your pants seem to be slowly getting smaller and it doesn’t go away, however, it might be time to check that scale.

Weight can sneak up on us, especially in the winter and around the holidays. We are less likely to get outside and simply walk around when it is cold which can greatly impact our weight and our mental health as well. People often report that their mental health is worse when they don’t like how they look and not being able to fit into your regular clothes can definitely impact that. It is always important to remember to not be too hard on yourself and know that your weight naturally fluctuates through the day.

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