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It's For Men Too

There is often a societal expectation that women will always want to lose weight and care more about how they look, but this isn’t necessarily true. Men can be unhappy with how they look and want to shed some of those extra pounds as well, and that’s perfectly fine! It doesn’t make anyone more or less masculine or feminine to care about how they look or how they are perceived by others. It is an entirely human thing to want to look good and if that includes getting rid of a double chin or shedding that stubborn belly fat, then we want to help!

Having extra weight on you that you aren’t comfortable with is never an ideal situation. While there is a large movement for body positivity, it often preaches that you need to love yourself as you are and doesn’t leave room for the desire to look any different. Here at CoolSculpting by ThinSculpting we believe that loving yourself can include doing something to make yourself more comfortable with how you look as long as it is a healthy and safe method. CoolSculpting happens to be completely non-invasive with little to no side effects or downtime so we check those boxes for you!

We know that there can be a stigma against men taking action against some pudge, but here we have a judgement free policy no matter who you are or what your situation is. We love helping people release who they feel they are inside and becoming comfortable in their own skin. Very often, this means getting rid of those few extra pounds that seem to cling on no matter what we do. Our staff of certified CoolSculpting technicians are here to help figure out the best plan for you to reach your goal both in regards to weight and measurements. After all, just having a target weight isn’t always the best metric to see how your body is built due to the weight difference between muscle and fat.

Conveniently located in Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina, we offer no interest financing and a free consultation so you can talk about how many meetings you may need with us. Check out our website to make an appointment or give us a call at 800-8THIN-YOU and see how much better you feel after a CoolSculpting treatment!

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