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We hear the word all the time. Exercise. We’re told we should exercise more. We’re told exercise will help us lose weight, will help with joint problems, or that it will help us just feel better. It seems like it doesn’t much matter what we weigh, the doctor sees us and tells us we should lose a little bit of weight to feel better. Perhaps that is true, but how can we devote time to exercise when we have so much going on in our daily lives? There are some easy and quick ways to exercise, even sitting at a desk. Here are a few to help you drop a little bit more of that pesky belly fat after undergoing the CoolSculpting procedure.

1. Take the Stairs. If you work in an office building, try walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. If you work on a really high floor, try walking up a few floors for the first few times and build up your leg muscles until you can do more flights without breaking as much of a sweat.

2. Leg Raises. When waiting in line for coffee in the break room, try standing with your feet flat on the floor and slowly lift the heels until you are standing on your toes. Hold this for 15-20 seconds and then lower your heels again. If you are a woman and wear heels in the office, try taking them off at your desk and periodically doing this as well. Try pointing your toes up and holding that while your shoes are off.

3. Use Your Wheelie Chair. If you are lucky enough to have a fun wheelie chair, you can use it to do more than just spin around in circles when you’re bored or stuck. If you keep your feet off of the floor and turn from side to side from the core, your stomach will slowly build muscle. You can also pull yourself into and push away from your desk without using your feet to help your arms as well.

Although we live in a very hectic world, your health is one thing you can’t let slip. Even though life is busy, there are ways to find little tips that will help even in places like work. If you have tried these and still have a few more pounds you want to drop, call ThinSculpting at 800-8-THIN-YOU today!

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