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After The Procedure

CoolSculpting is a wonderful method to get the body you want. There are very few people who will deny this fact, especially if they have had this procedure done themselves. People have had incredible results and more before and after pictures continue to pour in and astound us. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a patient who is happy with themselves and the transformation they experienced. Conversely, nothing makes us more upset than someone who has gone through our procedure and is not happy with how they look by the end of the process. While there are many reasons why someone may not be happy with how they look by the end, there are just as many ways that you could help the process along while you are undergoing treatment.

The first way to help yourself achieve great results with CoolSculpting is eating right. If you already do, that’s great! Unfortunately, many of us don’t eat correctly already and all of the weight loss procedures in the world won’t help you get rid of a guilty habit like eating an entire sleeve of cookies and milk in one sitting. While a cookie or two every now and then is perfectly fine, a whole line of them is a big no-no. This becomes increasingly true if you are trying to lose weight. Sure, we all have weak moments, but a weight loss procedure will not be able to combat the weight gain if those weak moments happen often. Try getting rid of any unhealthy food in the house (and no, that doesn’t mean eat it all in one go) so you won’t be tempted by it anymore.

Another good way to help along the CoolSculpting procedure is standard exercise. If you move a little more each day, you can see incredible results. Just a little bit of exercise will increase your weight loss and help build muscle mass instead of just getting rid of fat. Don’t worry if you don’t see the scale go down as much, though, muscle weighs more than fat does. Focus instead on your measurements to track your progress.

At ThinSculpting, we want you to be happy with your body. Call 1-800-THIN-YOU today to schedule your consultation at the Triangle Region’s only diamond rated CoolSculpting facility. You’ll be in love with your body like never before by the time we are done with you!

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