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When talking about weight loss and appropriate weights and getting to a healthy weight, there is one glaring oversight that many people forget: muscle weighs considerably more than fat. If you have been working out in a gym, chances are that you have started to gain muscle mass which can skew the reading that you get from a scale. It is important that you don’t get discouraged if you don’t see much movement on that little needle and instead look to yourself. I don’t only mean that metaphorically, either. Look at yourself and see if you notice a difference in your body from when you started to now.

One of the best ways to monitor your progress with weight loss is actually to keep an eye on your measurements. Hips, waist, and bust if applicable are the most common areas to measure, however you may also want to check the measurements on your “problem areas” such as thighs and buttocks. Keep a record of your measurements and check them every time you do a weigh-in and you may be surprised at how much of a change you see over a week.

The number on the scale is not the end all, be all of weight loss. I can remember when I was in college according to BMI I was overweight, but according to my measurements I was almost underweight. The difference all came down to muscle due to my extracurricular activities. It can be unhealthy for anyone to obsess over a number and this is especially true when it comes to your weight. Always be sure to use other methods to monitor your success in order to stay truly healthy.

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